Platform for Cross-Border Collaboration

Mazatlán Forum: Platform for Cross-Border Collaboration

The Mazatlán Forum seeks to discover and ask the overlooked questions about issues relevant to the United States and Mexico by taking a close look at the social, political, and economic assumptions at work in our cultures. In making the conversations intercultural, interdisciplinary and intergenerational, we hope to reframe the issues to kindle new thinking, generate new solutions, foster Mexican and American friendships, and promote cross-border collaborations—with the beauty of Mazatlán as the hub for this important international initiative.




The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality


The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology College of Fellows

Mazatlan Forum

2015 Mazatlán Forum
March 13-14

Building a Blueprint for Eliminating Poverty:
US and Mexican Scholars Work Together







El Colegio de México