Platform for Cross-Border Collaboration
who we are?
El Colegio de Sinaloa

El Colegio de Sinaloa was established to spread the most advanced, current, and relevant knowledge in science, technology, and the arts throughout Sinaloa with absolute freedom of expression. We sponsor events and programs in the arts and sciences, thereby serving both local and national scientific and cultural institutions. We also support the State of Sinaloa's cultural, scientific, and technological research, and we seek to promote the spread of authentic values throughout society by means of exchange and collaboration between individuals and institutions. Through its programs, El Colegio de Sinaloa also offers up-to-date training for the state's teachers, professionals, and artists.

Members of El Colegio de Sinaloa
  • María Aurora Armienta Hernández
  • José Ángel Espinoza Aragón
  • José Gaxiola López
  • Jesús Kumate Rodríguez
  • Jaime Labastida
  • Antonio López Sáenz
  • Jaime Martuscelli Quintana
  • Élmer Mendoza
  • Sergio Ortega Noriega
  • Federico Páez Osuna
  • Octavio Paredes López
  • Enrique Patrón de Rueda
  • José Ángel Pescador Osuna
  • Diego Valadés
  • José Enrique Villa Rivera